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A Short List of Favorite Links


News - WTOP
News - VA Traffic Cameras
News - The Drudge Report
News - BBC News
News - Daily Rotation
News - Yahoo! News 


News - NBC4 (NBC) Weather
News - WJLA (ABC) Weather
News - WUSA (CBS) Weather
News - (DC) 


Gadgets - Engadget
Gadgets - Gizmodo
Gadgets - Red Ferret
Gadgets - The Gadgeteer
Gadgets - Gear Diary

Tech - Slashdot
Tech - Tech Bargains
Tech - Deal News

Tech - 'This Week in Tech' (audio) Podcast
Tech - 'Security Now' (audio) Podcast


Misc -
Misc - Make Use Of
Misc - How to Geek
Misc - Cooking For Engineers



Software - [Freeware] Firefox Browser (IE Alternative)
Software - [Freeware] Irfanview (Image Viewer)
Software - [Freeware] XNView (Image Viewer)
Software - [Freeware] Overdisk (disk usage browser)

Software - [Open Source] Paint.Net (raster graphics)
Software - [Open Source] Inkscape (vector graphics)
Software - [Open Source] Audacity (audio editor)
Software - [Open Source] Open Watcom Fortran/C++ Compiler
Software - [Open Source] Filezilla (ftp/sftp client)
Software - [Open Source] WinSCP (sftp/scp client using ssh)

Software - Snapfiles / WebAttack [shareware/freeware] Download site
Software - Portable Apps [Free USB versions]
Software - [Wiki] 100 Portable Apps


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