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The Washington Nationals 2006 Season

Washington Nationals Official Website

My First Game of the year (can't believe it took so long) - Nationals vs. L.A. Dodgers - May 28th, 2006

The View from Section 531

The Infield View from Section 531

Sliding into Home (safe!) - Third Inning - Run # 5

The View from the Lower Deck near Third Base

The Nationals at Bat in the Sixth Inning

The Nationals at Bat in the Sixth Inning (check out the ball in mid-pitch)

Nationals vs. Florida Marlins - July 6th, 2006 (Thurs 1:05PM)
"A Bad Day at the Ballpark is Better than a Good Day at Work"

Security Guard gave me free ticket - Section 463, Row 1 - How Cool Is That !

The View from Section 463 - They said 29,000 - but I don't believe it

The Infield View from Section 463

Needed to stretch my legs - over to Section 521 (another nice mid-pich photo)

Nationals At Bat (from Section 521)

The Nationals finally win in the 11th Inning !


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