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The Braddock Group is a Transition Management Consulting firm that provides consulting services to corporate and individual clients. The staff consists of seasoned professionals who have held senior positions as hiring managers in major corporations. Their insight into transition management – particularly, job search and career transition – is not readily available in many consulting organizations. We have specialized in providing Transition Management Services for more than twenty years. Our clients have been in both the public and private sector. Our services have ranged from transition management consulting services for corporate clients to conducting seminars on job search and career transition for individual and specialty clients. A natural sector of our business is the final transition process at the end of our lives.
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Next Of Kin Info Booklet

The Braddock Gorup has a proven product that can help you locate assets and belongings when the owner is no longer available to assist you. It can make estate settlement or guardianship a much easier process. We have enhanced and finalized a booklet entitled, "Essential Information for My Next-of-Kin When They Become My Beneficiaries and/or Guardians" that has been used in our family for many years. It has helped in the settlement of several estates with considerable ease because we knew WHERE things belonging to the deceased were located. This booklet provides space to record all essential information. You do not have to include the value of your assets. In fact, there is no space provided for that!
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